Glycerin Leaf & Petal Soaps


Glycerin leaf & petal soaps are a beautiful addition to any bathroom and not only do they look lovely, they smell great and you can wash your hands with them (although you may not want to)! 

These silk petals & leaves are dipped in scented glycerin soap and each will wash your hands at least one time. When the soap is gone the scent is not, so save the leaf then use as potpourri or to scent a drawer. 

These are packaged to make a great gift in a clear plastic pillow box with a gold cord bow. Petals come 20-25 per box & leaves come 13-16 per box. 

Available in fall leaves, holly leaves or rose petals in all of our skin safe fragrances & essential oils. Scent descriptions are available on our fragrances page. 

Choice of petal color can be requested, but may not be available.

NOTE: This is a special order item and will ship in 3 to 5 days.